Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Videoconferencing Best Practices and Virtual Field Trips

On Monday, I facilitated our spring 2009 Videoconferencing: Best Practices and Virtual Field Trips seminar. Despite a rocky technical start (the MCU dropped ALL sites about 5 minutes before we were supposed to start), the seminar did seem to go rather well. It involved an abbreviated virtual field trip from the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (who did demonstrations from their All About Matter program) and a presentation from CILC about their virtual field trip resources, as well as a brief overview of the MUSE social network community, MAGPI resources and videoconferencing set-up, etiquette and tips for integrating into the curriculum.

As I was preparing for this seminar, I realized that what was really missing from it was a list of helpful links for educators new to using this tool. So I spent some time today collecting some of my favorite videoconference resources:

Finding Virtual Field Trips/Content Providers
(*not all are I2-based virtual field trips)
Finding Partners to Do Collaborative Projects Using Videoconferencing
Great Resources for Getting Started with Videoconferencing
Videoconferencing Etiquette and Best Practices
Some of My Favorite VC Blogs


Rebecca said...

I just added you to our blogroll at The Wiredclassroom:

Rebecca Morrison
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Roxanne Glaser said...

Hi, Heather, thanks for the link in this post. I am going to be sharing this with my coordinators.

And am updating my blogroll also!

Bhagavan Pabbu said...

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