Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Miss Tomorrow's LIVE EVENT with Suraya Pakzad, Founder of Voice of Women Organization

In Celebration of Women’s History Month, MAGPI, Traveling Mercies and Penn Video Network at the University of Pennsylvania are pleased to announce “AFGHANISTAN AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS: A CONVERSATION WITH SURAYA PAKZAD.” In a live, interactive videoconference, 17 high schools across Pennsylvania and New Jersey will be hearing from and talking with Suraya Pakzad, Founder of the Voice of Women Organization. Although we do not have space for any more interactive videoconference sites, we will be streaming this event LIVE over the Internet and Internet2 via a Real Player webstream. We hope you can ‘tune in’ and watch!

Suraya Pakzad of Afghanistan, entered into an arranged marriage at the age of fourteen years old, and by the time she was sixteen, was the mother of two children. Suraya is now 37 years old and has raised a family of six children. However, with all of these personal challenges and responsibilities she has dedicated her life to helping the women of Afghanistan by starting schools in private homes during the Taliban period, creating vocational training for women in prisons, and establishing safe shelter homes for abused women which offer medical, psychological and legal assistance. Suraya and her organization are dedicated to their cause and every day live with the threats of violence and kidnapping of themselves and family members. Join us to hear her real life stories and be inspired by her dedication and grace!

The webstream will be live at 12:45 EDT on March 11, 2009, with content beginning at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

View the program it's entirety via a Real Player Webstream at: http://beansidhe.isc-net.upenn.edu:8080/ramgen/encoder/pakzad.rm

Photo by Aldo Magazzeni

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