Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Started with Videoconferencing

Tomorrow, I'll be working with social studies teachers at Cape Henlopen High School in Delaware. Cape Henlopen just received grant funding to obtain an HD videoconferencing unit, and this is a precursor to the kick-off of that program!

Training Overview
  • Welcome/Introductions

  • Introduction to Videoconferencing: What is it? How can it change teaching and learning in your classroom?

  • LIVE Connection to Elephant Communication & Collaboration from MONROE #1 BOCES in New York (part of the Global Summit Project

    Do Elephants talk? What are they trying to say? Students are joining scientists to learn about these questions. Through the use of information that these High School Junior and Senior students have gathered and partnerships which are forming, they are capturing what might be Elephant communication. By analyzing the sound waves both the scientists and the students are attempting to create an Elephant dictionary. This project uses the resources of Internet2 to share large media files and interact with experts. Students are joining the research community and making a difference. During the this interactive presentation, the students will present their process and then will develop a plan for the work to be done in the coming year. Participating sites will be those locations which are interested in both learning about this phenomenal, authentic scientific project and potential adding to it. Come hear what can be heard and learn more about the Elephant world.
  • LIVE Connection to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA

    The Center for Puppetry Arts offers Distance Learning programs for PreK-12. Students are briefly introduced to different styles of puppets from around the world (1st grade and up). Students participate in learning activities about a topic and create a working puppet of their very own to use in the classroom. A comprehensive study guide and materials list is provided for each program. All puppet materials are easy to find and of little, if any, cost. Middle and High School programs are designed to encourage dialogue between the presenter and participating students. Teacher workshops and demos are also available.

  • What's next? How to find content providers, MAGPI's website, MUSE and more.

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