Saturday, January 30, 2010

International Math Game Challenge

Registration is now open - - and filling quickly! - - for MAGPI's spring International Math Game Challenge videoconference. We are running three sessions (one for students in grades K-2, one for students in grades 3-5 and one for students in grades 6-8) on March 4th to celebrate International Math Day. If there is high demand, we will add additional sessions!

Here's the project description:
Learn about math and other cultures by taking on MAGPI’s Math Game Challenge! Have your students take on the role of educator and have them teach their peers about a math game from another country. Each participating school will be tasked with demonstrating a math game or numerical challenge from another country to other schools on the videoconference. Students will be charged with putting together a handout that explains the game, along with a materials list, that can emailed to other participating schools ahead of time. Each school will have 10 minutes to present their game/challenge and lead their peers in the game. You’re welcome to present more than one game during the program - - especially if they are ‘quick’ group games. Once you register your school for the project, you will need to email Heather Weisse Walsh with the game(s) your school wants to present as part of the challenge. This way, we can ensure that the same game is not presented multiple times in the same age category. Your game selections are due on 10 days before the event. Your handouts are due 5 days before the event.
U in the News from Dallastown School District recently published a great article about Dallastown Middle School's participation in the Fall International Math Challenge. Congrats to the Tropical Team and main presenter, Danny Godstrey, for a wonderful presentation on Yut! You can view the article on the U in the News Site, and you can view Danny's handounts on the International Math Challenge - Grades 6-8 webpage!

Image of Danny Godstrey and the Tropical Team from Dallastown School District, courtesy of U in the News.

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