Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twitter and Videoconferencing

Janine Lim, a videoconferencing colleague of mine at Berien RESA in Michigan and all-around VC guru, has a post on her blog today about Videoconference Twitterers. Check it out! And thanks for the mention, Janine!

Personally, I'm pretty excited that Collaborations Around the Planet is now on Twitter! Real time updates for collaborations. What a great idea. If you're interested in collaborations, I highly recommend that you follow all of the people on Janine's list and definitely follow CAPspace.

I'm curious how others might be using Twitter in the videoconference world. I originally signed up for a Twitter account to get real-time updates about new and upcoming programs out. That's actually proved to be pretty effective. But I've also heard of folks using Twitter as back-channel communication for videoconference events (as a means of communicating 'behind the scenes' between sites so they don't have to interrupt the flow of the videoconference event). Other schools and twitterers have mentioned that they've 'saved the day' by putting out a call for help on Twitter to other schools for last minute videoconference connections. Are there other ways Twitter is being used?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm new to the "Twitter" world and still figuring things out - - but so far, have found it to be a great real time communication and collaborative tool.

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